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Meet Clara Rose Thornton….Spoken Word Artist, Culture Journalist, and Radio/Television Broadcaster (Audio)

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Clara Rose Thornton
is a spoken word artist, culture journalist, and radio and television broadcaster. She is a multiple slam champion, including the 2014-15 Dublin Slam Poetry Champion. Her themes of social justice, identity politics, and place have been featured at Electric Picnic, Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York, Bar Demory in Paris, Christiania Jazzklub in Copenhagen, and Workman’s Club in Dublin. In fall 2014 she toured Ireland as the headlining artist for the nation’s inaugural Black History Month, which she was instrumental in founding.  She is Chicago-born, New-York-simmered, Dublin-dwelling.  Meet her at clararosethornton.com and @ClaraRose.  We invite you to learn more about Clara Rose Thornton by visiting her site www.clararosethornton.com.Check out the upcoming Vice & Verses:  Neo-Soul Brigade in Dublin, Ireland (December 1).  Details can be found be found at the end of this interview or by clicking here.Wildly Creative:  How do you define living a creative life?

“Really art making is the most selfish yet simultaneously most altruistic paths that you can choose and simultaneously incredibly selfish and incredibly altruistic.  Because you are taking your thoughts, your perspectives, what happens to you on a daily basis and mulling over it.

You are sitting there writing poetry about it;
Some people take years to write a book about a certain experience they had;
Someone is writing a love song about someone that made them feel bad in high school;

You know these are deeply personal experiences being mulled and obsessed over. Sure, but it is all in the name of potentially connecting with someone else and their experience and extracting the universality in the crux of that connection.”  Interview Excerpt, press play to hear more:

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Wildly Creative:  Creatives are usually the ones breaking the rules and little bits of misfits. How are you making sure to hold true to breaking the rules?

Here Clara talks about breaking out of the box of what it means to be or look like a creative. How does being wildly creative intersect with “isms” like race, class, and education status alongside connecting Social Justice within the realm of creativity?

Through this brief segment, Clara encourages us to challenge what we see or envision even in our own skin of living a wildly creative life.

“I have lived in 6 countries on 2 continents.   I do not let the awareness and reality that my particular skin color, my particular background, life, view, perspective may not be the most welcome or familiar in some of these places daunt me because I want to go and grab life.”  Interview Excerpt, press play to hear more:

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Wildly Creative:  What words of wisdom do you wish to share with others?

Is it possible to gain freedom through your life, passion and paycheck intersecting? Here Clara speak more about this:

“Simply it’s going to be very very daunting and to never lose grip on that essential internal kernel of why you began doing it in the first place.”  Interview Excerpt, press play to hear more:

Photo Credit: Rafael Photography

Want to see or hear more from Clara Rose?  Check out what she is doing in Ireland with Vice and Verses:
“Vice and Verses: Neo-Soul Brigade is a bimonthly series I started this year on October 6. It’s all about bringing disparate cultures together, and specifically, bringing African-American musical and poetics culture abroad. Our second installment is Tuesday, December 1. We have myself and my jazz band, the Vice & Verses Flute Trio; the biggest name in Irish hip-hop, Dublin-born Funzo; with a very special headliner to be announced this week (“stay tuned to clararosethornton.com” yadda yadda).”

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Vice & Verses:  Neo -Soul Brigade
Tuesday, December 1, 5 Wellington Quay, Dublin, Ireland
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