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Wild Inspiration: The 10 Letters Project

What does your process look like as you are creating or making?  What conversation would you have with someone if you were to share the intimate, in-between moments of creating that is not always public?

41Hl7UYunRL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_We stumbled upon the 10 Letters Project best described in the following overview,

It started as a private correspondence between two makers. What emerged was a powerful practice for the not-lost art of friendship. On the verge of major milestones two storytellers–author/illustrator Tim Manley and filmmaker Jen Lee–began a modern correspondence that catches the quiet moments, their time in the spotlight and the parts of the journey that fall somewhere in between.”  www.10lettersproject.com

The conversation between Jen Lee and Tim Manley is key for many who might be afraid of embarking upon their creative process due to misconceptions of what an end product “looks like” as opposed to the reality of the not-so-straight path of creating.

As fellow creative’s ourselves, we know that ideas sometimes remain between the worlds of partially formed and unformed not yet birthed into any visual, written, musical, or any other form of creative “product,” yet we carry the seeds around with us;

Notebooks, fragments of electronic notes, and/or drawers contain possible work waiting for the right moment to become (or not);

Sometimes we start a project with a fixed outcome and a specific path then our creative endeavor takes us on another adventure that we did not originally envision (not always with a smooth transition of acceptance);

And sometimes we hold the tangible pieces of something that we have started to create as we continue adding the details while blindfolded to any fixed outcome of what we have started.

There are also other times when days, weeks or even months skip by while kidnapping our inspiration.

Thus, the process of creating or making is not as tidy as what others experience when gazing upon the completed work. As the world rests their eyes upon a complete exhibit, a novel, a film, a dance piece, or see a project become implemented for the first time, it is easy to forget about the messy process.

The process of creating is filled with conversations, auspicious mistakes and many moments lacking the glamour that individuals often like to envision when they think of leading the creative life. We encourage you to check out the 10 Letters Project and perhaps engage in an intimate exchange of your own with a friend or other creative’s. You might be surprised by what unfolds through simple conversation.