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Wild Musings: What is the Cost of Free Access to Creativity & Art?

An essay  by Joshua Cohen “What the Internet’s free culture has cost us in art” originally aired on the PBS News Hour.

“The cost of a thing is the care you give it. Fact is, you could rip off a million books, but they’re not truly yours if you’re not going to read them. Songs aren’t songs if they’re never heard. Films aren’t films if they’re never watched. Canons can’t survive, they can’t evolve if the memory they animate is your computers, and not your own.  Culture must be lived. It must be active. It can’t just be in a folder on your desktop or a bundle of bytes on your hard drive.” 

Does the atmosphere and sharing or access pose a potential danger to creative endeavor?  The internet and specifically social media has created an environment that allows for us to become witness and co-creators for wild imaginings, creativity, and inspiration while connecting with each other.  In other ways, as we have previously discussed there is a simultaneous threat of perceived value (or in what is presented by Joshua Cohen) lack of value.   We share this short video leaving you with some wild thoughts around creativity, the creation of art, and access online.