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Just Wild Over This Year: Open Letter to 2015

letter-stackAs you read this, perhaps you might think about your own letter to 2015 that you want to craft.  Perhaps your “letter” is in the form of a simple resolution.  Maybe it is a theme or name you want to give it that encapsulates all of the lessons, adventures, or living that you have gained from 2015.

time spaceWhatever and however you are wishing to mark the transition, do it in a way that allows you to nurture or plant the seed for that wild, untamed creative space that you’ve been wanting to come out.  Sometimes, it is as simple as starting with a list of your intentions.
Good luck to creating and remaining open to the wild inspiration, adventures and musings that await you in the New Year!

Open Letter to 2015:

I started with you as I do every year as a hopeful child
now I leave you some parts disillusioned,
and yet still hopeful

Your hours and days included many relationships
and some worth revisiting


All not quite what they seemed

MagicThere were the adventures you gave me that were not planned or expected
and, let’s face it,
there were adventures that happened that I did not sign up for,
the ones that I wanted to forget but they will provide a good story or two in old age

You whose name was “Things are things” and in many ways you defied all categories
encouraging and daring me to be a wilder,
livelier version of myself

You pushed me into taking chances
and you didn’t just thrust me out of my comfort zone,
you openly challenged me to live within all of the places that were uncomfortable

While I  am happy to see you go
ome parts of me will miss some of your surprises

As you leave,
I will now be whispering to myself,
What of you do I want to keep?
What parts of you am I happy to see go?

Perhaps these and other questions
can remain in the web of the rhetorical as I look forward to 2016

Reminding myself that it was you, 2015, who gave me permission to spin a web of intentions with everything,
every person met,
every place seen,
and every experience had within your 12-month womb

In many ways,
you prepared me for many endings and beginnings
reminding me of the gift of being open
reminding me of the many ways to gracefully break the rules
crash the mold
forever daring me to set fire to the idea of what is

As I approach your end and begin again
you remind me to remember all of the ways of being creative
showed me the topography of my wild
while reminding me to keep a book of matches,
an eraser,
an open mind,
and an open heart to the unknown that awaits in the new year

After all
you and I once started in a place where you were new
and unknown to me

© Shanta Lee