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Wild Adventures & Projects: Diving Into Deeper Selves….A Sneak Preview of Fragments

This is a sneak preview of a project involving a partnership between two friends and the co-founders of Wildly Creative,  Mynah Marie (Singer, Songwriter)  and Shanta Lee (photographer and writer).

The Beginning of it All

It started with a conversation across computer screens in the middle of the night in late August 2015.  The conversation was between Shanta Lee on American shores and Mynah in Bombay  amidst words, passionate talk, and laughter…. Mynah started to unzip sharing an epiphany that punctured the night and was the beginning of something stating…

“I am not one but many…”

And she continued, “Everything makes sense now that I understand that. My personality is fragmented in such ways that in one body I actually contain a variety of characters, each with their own belief system and functions. Some are male, some female, some are even androgynous, even their age varies… It’s very trippy, almost like having multiple personality syndrome.”

When asked about her female/male polarity she said: “You know what it is? I need to have my masculine fall in love with my feminine….”

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee
Photo Credit: Shanta Lee

Mynah’s Male Alter-Ego, which she affectionately calls ‘Mino’, is one of the protectors of her primal feminine fragment. I wanted to know everything about ‘Mino’, what he was like, how he came about, and how he engaged with her other selves.

“He is short tempered and can seem very rude and even mean but in a boyish arrogance kind of way. When triggered, he can become a bully with aggressive tendencies.  His main purpose is to protect the primal feminine when she is in freakout mode because the primal feminine is a pure receptor who is too sensitive and overwhelmed by the energy she is receiving to take her own defense.”

Shanta Seeing Mino

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee

“When I photographed Mino, Mynah ceased existing in that moment and all I saw was him.  As I observed Mino in my mind and with my camera lens, Mynah’s words stayed with me like a secret inscription…..”I need to have my masculine fall in love with my feminine….”  Was this true for myself?   Did we all need to to find our “Mino” to protect our feminine?  Was this true for everyone wishing to connect to a partner outside of themselves or even seeking any connection in the world?  Do we first need to merge or unify the opposites within us?”

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee
Photo Credit: Shanta Lee


Mynah Marie and Shanta Lee will be sharing more of their dialogue and exploration of Fragments throughout the year.  Stay Tuned!

Meet Mynah Marie….Founder of StreetCats Records, Co-Creator of Wildly Creative, Dream-Maker

Wildly Creative: Creativity is…

The power of someone’s imagination reflected in the physical World.

Wildly Creative:  What is your first memory of connecting with your creative self? 

My creative life started as a child when I first discovered the power of imagination. As young as 4-5 years-old, I used to create stories and imaginary treasure hunts and expeditions in my parents backyard, on which I would go on with my imaginary friends, characters that I would imagine inspired by my favorite movie or book. My mom taught me to read very young, I was already reading novels at 5, and I think that this had a decisive effect on my childhood.

Naty photo - Mynah
The imaginary haven of a good book that had so much for me to dream about was one of my favorite things as a child. It’s funny because, even though at the time I was already playing music (started violin at 3, piano at 5), music didn’t trigger my creative side right away. I thinks it’s because the action of music was so associated with a system, something I needed to learn and work hard on. I remember having fun creating melodies on the piano at around 6-7 years old but that was before I got into serious classical music studies with that instrument. The real creativity flowing easily through music only happened much later for me, after I was able to free myself from all the restraints, conventions and preconceived ideas that the classical education system had so strongly implemented in my brain.

Wildly Creative:  What is your advice that you would offer to anyone wishing to design their own creative life?

Anything is possible. Be daring and brave. You can be everything you want to be. The power of imagination is to give birth to dreams and visions that belong only to you while creativity is the power to put these visions into the physical World.  Creativity can only go as far as your dreams can go. So dream wild, dream big, without any constraints, and then put your attention back into the physical World to start manifesting your visions into reality, step by step. The arrival point of that journey is not very important ; maybe you will manifest the vision exactly the way you dreamt it, maybe not. But one thing is sure, the journey will take you somewhere.  And if you hold your dream clearly in your mind and keep your intentions well connected in the heart, you will be safe and the ride will be amazing.

Wildly Creative:  What drives you wild with inspiration and passion? What is whispering to you that inspires you to create?

Human behavior. How we can so easily hurt each other only because we misunderstand other people’s reality. It fascinates me and also makes me sad. It makes me want to speak up. Having traveled so much and un-rooted myself to integrate another culture so many times, it gives me a different perspective on human behaviors, I see more clearly preconceived judgments implemented by social, cultural and religious filters. It hurts to see human beings, all similar by nature, tearing each other apart, most of the time because of simple ignorance. It makes me want to point it out, dig in the matters that are dividing us most, even if its not pretty. I love the feeling of diving deep into human nature to find that essence that unites us all, even if that means going through muddy waters of dark feelings and pain. I think that creating for me is a way to transcend that pain, make it useful, have it serve a purpose in this life instead of growing closed and bitter.

Some say I like darkness. I wouldn’t describe it as “liking” it, it’s more like I accept it, and this acceptance comes from the desire I have to grow beyond it. And I don’t believe in avoiding. I don’t think you can transcend something you don’t know or don’t understand. So I accept it when it comes in myself or others and that allows me to contemplate it, analyze it and maybe understand a bit more of the World we live in and my place in it… I think thats the place from which I create the most.

IMG_3157 - edit 2
Wildly Creative:  Creatives are usually the ones breaking the rules and little bits of misfits. How are you making sure to hold true to breaking the rules?

It’s like the famous scene in The Matrix: “There is no spoon.”  I believe in good/pure intentions in the heart, a strong, well disciplined mind mixed with a wild imagination. If that’s there, whatever rule is in the way can go to hell.

In 2014, Mynah created the independent label StreetCats Records Inc. in Canada and now more recently in India. SCR aims to facilitate international expansion for quality underground artists from around the Globe.  Mynah is also the co-founder of Wildly Creative.World.  Read more about Mynah Marie here.