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Wild Adventures & Projects: Diving Into Deeper Selves….A Sneak Preview of Fragments

This is a sneak preview of a project involving a partnership between two friends and the co-founders of Wildly Creative,  Mynah Marie (Singer, Songwriter)  and Shanta Lee (photographer and writer).

The Beginning of it All

It started with a conversation across computer screens in the middle of the night in late August 2015.  The conversation was between Shanta Lee on American shores and Mynah in Bombay  amidst words, passionate talk, and laughter…. Mynah started to unzip sharing an epiphany that punctured the night and was the beginning of something stating…

“I am not one but many…”

And she continued, “Everything makes sense now that I understand that. My personality is fragmented in such ways that in one body I actually contain a variety of characters, each with their own belief system and functions. Some are male, some female, some are even androgynous, even their age varies… It’s very trippy, almost like having multiple personality syndrome.”

When asked about her female/male polarity she said: “You know what it is? I need to have my masculine fall in love with my feminine….”

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee
Photo Credit: Shanta Lee

Mynah’s Male Alter-Ego, which she affectionately calls ‘Mino’, is one of the protectors of her primal feminine fragment. I wanted to know everything about ‘Mino’, what he was like, how he came about, and how he engaged with her other selves.

“He is short tempered and can seem very rude and even mean but in a boyish arrogance kind of way. When triggered, he can become a bully with aggressive tendencies.  His main purpose is to protect the primal feminine when she is in freakout mode because the primal feminine is a pure receptor who is too sensitive and overwhelmed by the energy she is receiving to take her own defense.”

Shanta Seeing Mino

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee

“When I photographed Mino, Mynah ceased existing in that moment and all I saw was him.  As I observed Mino in my mind and with my camera lens, Mynah’s words stayed with me like a secret inscription…..”I need to have my masculine fall in love with my feminine….”  Was this true for myself?   Did we all need to to find our “Mino” to protect our feminine?  Was this true for everyone wishing to connect to a partner outside of themselves or even seeking any connection in the world?  Do we first need to merge or unify the opposites within us?”

Photo Credit: Shanta Lee
Photo Credit: Shanta Lee


Mynah Marie and Shanta Lee will be sharing more of their dialogue and exploration of Fragments throughout the year.  Stay Tuned!

When You are Creating…You Are Building Your House

Creativity is not something that isn’t without work. You have to think of it like building your house.


Where do you want your windows to be placed so that light can shine in?
How do you imagine you want to move through it?
How do you want it to feel?
Where do you want certain rooms to be placed?
What materials are you using?

You are always crafting and curating your creativity and unzipping all of the things that allow it to flow through you. There are moments where you will have to decide the risk of certain things. And other times where you feels like you are doing nothing in service to your craft….but that space of “nothing” either in your head, in spending time with your beloveds, or just being is in ultimate service of creating. You will be walking through the space within your wild and juicy creativity navigating and curating all of these things. And yes, at times, it will feel like you’ve left a field with fruitless bounty in your arms. But that is okay too…that is part of the work….

it is you navigating your moments of inspiration.


Style as a Barrier to Creating: Give Yourself Permission, Don’t Seek It

A personal short story shared by Shanta Lee.  Shanta is a mutli-facted professional, photographer, writer, and one of the founders of WildlyCreative.World.

A few months ago, I was talking to another photographer about my style for photography. During the conversation I commented “it is not like I am waiting in a corner to see what my style is but I would like to bump into it. I am not quite sure what it is.” He instantly replied, “Don’t think about it just shoot” he was right and hearing that advice was freeing.

Tucked in between the morsels of “just try anything just because” and the many times that I just get inspired to create without boxing myself is doubt. We are all familiar with this felling. My occasional doubt also comes equipped with luggage and carry-on bags in the form of questions I ask myself about my photographs, written work, or other creative endeavors…

Is it edgy, fresh or thought provoking?
Is it bold?
Is it a dreamscape?
Is it realistic?
Is it safe a.k.a. boring?
Is it the same ol’ same ol’?
Does it push boundaries or break what people see all the time?
Has this been done before (and if it has, why the hell am I doing it)?
thAnd the list goes on of various questions I’ve asked myself about my writing, my photography, and other art forms I explored.  In many ways, I was/am seeking permission from the supposed guidelines of how things should be according to some random metric. There are a lot of articles and books about all sorts of things related to style as it relates to the work or life of an artist.  But what if all of that is a box or further restriction? What if the seeking of style is a ceiling or detriment?

Sure, we all need a way to describe what it is we do. Within the elevator speech, or any description, one needs to be able to have some words and say what it is that people can expect to see. On the other hand, taking a different route in which you may not be certain of style per se but instead you have passion and vision gives you freedom.

I still occasionally wrestle with the doubt but most of the time I don’t care about any type of category or style to adhere to. As doubt and those questions creep in during various moments of holding my camera or penning a word, I think about that advice I received a few months ago “don’t think about it, just shoot” and it feels like internal barriers have been removed.

Perhaps you are on your own creative journey, don’t think about what it is or is not supposed to be or what category it may or may not fit into, don’t ask for permission by seeking a structure for it. Instead, give your permission to do it in your way. The rest will figure itself out.