What We Can Learn From David Bowie About Challenging Limitations by Shanta Lee

When a death occurs, I look at how the spirit and living of the deceased inspires a need to improve the quality of our everyday lives beyond mere existing.  For example, what can we learn by how others have been impacted by a life that has been well lived?  How can we ensure that we are living our lives in such a way that inspires others to break beyond the can’ts, shouldn’ts, or other social or self-imposed restrictions?

There are no easy answers to those questions.  However, we can take a moment to become inspired by an illustration of the life led by David Bowie.  If David Bowie has taught us anything, he showed us that we can make space to change, grow, create despite the natural fear or hesitation to go to places we may not have imagined.

We can break-up with can’t and shouldn’t.  We can add apology for our authentic ourselves to the bonfire while expanding beyond personal or social limitations.

His life extends an invitation to be comfortable in our own skin without explanation or apology.  He encouraged us to live as ourselves and become audacious cartographers of our own beautifully complicated maps for others to enjoy.

May you rest in peace and thank you for all of the ways you encouraged us all to just be.

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  1. Growing and learning to truly Love ourselves are key components to living a fulfilling Life. And what other type of Life is worth living?

    Great article!!

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