Meet Chris Cromwell…Author, Visual Artist, Muralist & Web Designer (Audio)

“2011 was a pivotal moment for me because it taught me that life is extremely short and if I were to spend more time on this earth, I should be doing what I love.” Chris Cromwell

If you are interested in purchasing his new book, The Working Artist: 15 Lessons & Philosophies for Artists to Build a Successful Art Career,  you can visit the following link:

More About Chris:

Chris Cromwell is a visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta. After losing both parents in 2011, Chris quit his day job and started pursuing art full time. Jumping in head first gave him valuable insights into how much work it actually takes to survive and thrive as an artist.

500 Hamsa
Original Art by Chris Cromwell
500 Fishy
Original art by Chris Cromwell

Chris currently works full time designing websites and commissioning fine art and mural installations throughout Canada. Chris is also an author and an enthusiastic public speaker.

Curiosity Chris CromwellChris travels to schools teaching young people to aspire to living a creative life and emphasizes the value of creativity, uniqueness, optimism and most importantly, creative confidence.


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