unnamed (1)Bailey Mezan, is 23 years old  originally from San Diego, California and now living in Tel Aviv.  Bailey is the content producer for Dreame, and the Editor and Chief of Dreame Diaries.   “I love reading abstract fiction novels, swimming in the gorgeous Mediterranean and playing the piano.”

Wildly Creative:  What is the advice you wish someone shared with you about pursuing your passions and feeding your creative self?

The greatest perk about being a creative is that it only gets better with age. By constantly creating, we are exercising every part of our existence – our humanness is being flexed. A great piece does not have to be mature or seamless, a great piece is the purest reflection of who you are at that time.

Wildly Creative:  What drives you wild with inspiration and passion?  What is whispering to you that inspires you to create?

I am inspired by the shared human experience. By putting my words and thoughts on paper, I am solidifying my place in a world of people searching for meaning and understanding. By immortalizing my own thoughts and reading the thoughts of others, I am not just adding to the larger cannon, but I am growing by indulging in it’s depths.

Wildly Creative:  What keeps you wild and daring to create?

The drive to create comes from having something you ‘must’ say. While many people experience this urge to share and transpose thoughts, being a creative means that my urge takes me to paper, pen, canvas or music. I dare to create because my need to speak and be heard leaves me with no other choice.

Wildly Creative:  Creatives are usually the ones breaking the rules and little bits of misfits. How are you making sure to hold true to breaking the rules?

As soon as I finished college, I decided to never compromise my creative side to accommodate the expectations of others. This means that if  I ever were to find myself on a career path or at a job that does not suit my creative passions, I would move on. While this way of life may seem frivolous or fleeting, it actually puts pressure on me to find new ways of enjoying what I am doing in that moment.



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