When You are Creating…You Are Building Your House

Creativity is not something that isn’t without work. You have to think of it like building your house.


Where do you want your windows to be placed so that light can shine in?
How do you imagine you want to move through it?
How do you want it to feel?
Where do you want certain rooms to be placed?
What materials are you using?

You are always crafting and curating your creativity and unzipping all of the things that allow it to flow through you. There are moments where you will have to decide the risk of certain things. And other times where you feels like you are doing nothing in service to your craft….but that space of “nothing” either in your head, in spending time with your beloveds, or just being is in ultimate service of creating. You will be walking through the space within your wild and juicy creativity navigating and curating all of these things. And yes, at times, it will feel like you’ve left a field with fruitless bounty in your arms. But that is okay too…that is part of the work….

it is you navigating your moments of inspiration.


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