Mynah Marie



More About Mynah:

World traveler, Mynah Marie is first a musician and singer who collaborated as a performer and composer with a diverse collection of artists. A few of them include the singer-songwriter SOAN (winner of the french TV show “Nouvelle Star” in 2009), Israel’s pop singer DIN DIN AVIV, and the emerging band from Mexico City, CASA VERDE COLECTIVO, with whom she recorded their debut album, “Aqui y Ahora”, released in 2012. She also worked as a composer and performer in Italy with the company “ELAN Frantoyo” and their director Firenza Guidi in 2010 for three different productions. Since 2013, she now lives in Mumbai, India, where she has already collaborated with a variety of artists such as Fazal Qureshi, Hariharan, Indus Creed and Nikhil D’Souza.

In 2014, Mynah created the independent label StreetCats Records Inc. in Canada and now more recently in India. SCR aims to facilitate international expansion for quality underground artists from around the Globe.  Mynah is also the co-founder of Wildly Creative.World.

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