Why Street Cats ?: One Artist’s Vision to Start a Record Label-Part 2

Street Cats postAs told by Mynah Marie, Singer, Songwriter, pianist, accordionist, composer, and Street Cats Records Founder.

Now with the story.

It was in January 2015, I was in Mumbai trying to fix my broken heart after the break up of a 2- years relationship (yes, I know, it’s a classic). So one night I decide (for the first time after the breakup) to go out at this very cool club called the Blue Frog. So I’m sitting at the table with a couple of musician friends and this amazing woman who I had just met, waiting for the show to start. Fifteen minutes later, guess who shows up at the bar? Of course, the last person on Earth I wanted to see, my X (it’s Murphy’s rule every single time, when you don’t wanna see someone, that’s when you’ll run into them, for sure). As I could see him coming up to the bar and inevitably to our table I felt my blood turn cold. I just knew I had to get out of there, and fast. Right away, this woman who we were with felt my deep discomfort. She looked at me quickly and said under her breath so that no one else could hear: “ Do you want to go for a walk?” I was so grateful at that moment to have someone feeling some compassion for my pain that, of course, I accepted right away.

Out we went, roaming the alleyways around the club, me frantically smoking cigarettes the way I do when I get very emotional and letting out some steam and frustration of the whole situation. After roughly 20min of this I got a bit tired and decided to just sit on a little concrete platform (basically sitting on the ground). I told my newly made friend that she shouldn’t sit with me (for those of you who never been in India, let me just say this to put you in context, the streets of Mumbai are in general extremely dirty. It’s usually really not a good idea to sit on the ground in the middle of a dark alley at night, if you see what I mean). She was dressed so nicely, with a beautiful sexy dress and high heels and all that jazz, while I was dressed as usual, with torn jeans, tank top and flip-flops. And that’s when it happened. As I sat on the ground she just came and sat right next to me. I tried to protest saying, “Honestly you really don’t need to sit down with me, I’m just feeling a bit tired and want to finish smoking this… I’m a bit of a street cat that way.” And she replied, “Oh that’s ok! I’m a bit of a street cat myself and loads of my friends are stray cats so I really don’t mind.”

At that moment something hit me. Being a street cat wasn’t a common expression for me or for my friends at the time. Yet, at the other end of the world, someone very different then me instinctively knew what it meant when I said it.

A few weeks later, I was flying back to Canada with the purpose to establish my own record company. When I was faced with the hard task to choose a name for my label, I remembered that moment in the alley. The connection we both felt towards one another coming from this feeling of being recognized, understood for who you really are in a world where we usually go undercover. The vision became clearer and clearer as I was slowly understanding and processing what it was that I was truly trying to accomplish. Meeting other street cats out there and making bridges to cross for the ones I knew already: people with amazing lives, amazing stories and dreams, artists living in the outskirts of society with something interesting and meaningful to say. People who recognize each other in that way of life made of craziness, art, strange people, beautiful stories and with the power to follow their instincts, the creator in them, always. Build bridges between all of us around the world, unite forces and then shoot for the stars, together.

I know in my heart I will always be some kind of a street cat.

What about you?

Mynah M.

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