It is Okay to Listen to the Rules…..As Long As You Remember to Break Them

There are all sorts of clichés around rules.  In fact it was the  Dalai Lama XIV who said  “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”

However, when it comes to feeding your creative spirit you may choose to set fire to the rule book as you create your own rules.  Or perhaps, you walk the line ignoring the creation of anything that one would call rules or restrictions.

Whatever the scenario may be for you, we want to share some inspiration through this Bibi Lou video and perhaps encourage you to

go ruleless
go wild
go create without boundaries…


Why Street Cats ?: One Artist’s Vision to Start a Record Label-Part 1

Street Cats postAs told by Mynah Marie, Singer, Songwriter, pianist, accordionist, composer, and Street Cats Records Founder.

When I started working on my own company, Street Cats Records, I remember talking to my friends about it and being all excited and full of promises. I consider myself extremely lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful human beings. As I was sitting there telling my story I could see everybody getting excited with me, wanting to contribute or be part of it in any kind of way. Still one question remained…. “Why did you call your label Street Cats Records? Why Street Cats?” One of my friends even told me (and I say this with all the love in the world) : “ I thought you would come up with something more creative…” Ouch! That one hurt a bit. But feedback is important, especially the comments you don’t necessarily want to hear, and the people who know you well and still dare giving you those comments are even more precious then the comments themselves. At the same time, that comment pushed me to tell the story and as I went further along the lines of past events that pushed me to call my company Street Cats I saw his opinion about the name change. So maybe it’s worth it to write the story down, in case there are other people out there who are wondering (or will maybe wonder one day) why.

First off, for those of you who are asking what the F$%k is the connection between street cats and music, let me answer to that easily, there is none. Absolutely no connection. Have you ever read a list of Indie labels? A lot of Indie labels have absurd names, some even border ridiculous (for example I think the name Dancing Ferret is quite funny, nothing against it don’t get me wrong). So I thought to myself, is there was ever an industry or a business where I can choose a name that is completely personal and artistic it has to be the record business.