Do you dare to do the “impossible”?

Mohammed Ali, a well-known former Professional American Boxer talked about impossible as a state of mind and being.    In his opinion, whatever was described as impossible was temporary.

Hip-Hop star Jay-Z once included a lyric in a remix to the Kanye West song Diamonds Are Forever stating “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week…”   

Whatever your musical tastes are and/or your views about boxing, there is some wisdom to this concept of what we view as possible and what we designate as impossible.  What are you doing or not doing because you have categorized certain things as impossible and out of your grasp?

Perhaps there are unopened invitations through people and circumstances for you to travel to a new place and risk getting lost,
explore a new project and risk not knowing where the end result will lead you,
embrace a new talent that you’ve not formally studied….

but you view these as “tasks” “daunting” or perhaps you said you can’t.

Ditch the can’t and break up with impossible and dare yourself to go do something today, this week, this month, or this year that expands beyond the realm of what you thought was not possible.   Dare yourself to be and do the impossible.

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