Be Your Own Dowsing Rod

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Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials without the use of scientific apparatus.

Living a creative life and unzipping or unearthing those parts of yourself does take some cultivation and encouragement.  It is also an open invitation to yourself to become your own dowsing rod. You might be familiar with this method from what has been portrayed on television, someone walking around with an apparatus because they are trying to find metals, gems, or something else that is not easily located upon a surface.   Dowsing can also be applied to the self in the context of unearthing parts of yourself, unzipping, or freeing those wild creative or imaginative treasures.

Here are some ways you can become your own dowsing rod:

Inject adventure into your monotony-even if it involves living a few days without making plans.  For many, there is a schedule to adhere to. Whether the schedule is filled with assignments associated with your career, children, or responsibilities to a partner, it becomes monotonous.  Not making plans doesn’t mean not doing anything, it means to restructuring your life OR turning tasks into adventures. Weekends sometimes offer an opportunity for this. There are many expressions that reflect this state of mind: following your intuition or following “the flow” being very popular ones. In other words, more ebb & flow = more adventure. Shanta Lee shared a personal example of how this unzipped for her recently:

“During one particular week, I had someone, an acquaintance, invite me to a Murder Mystery dinner taking place on a Monday evening. This was also the same night as one of my board meetings. I did not know her well, and there was a 100% chance that I would not have known any of the guests who were attending this dinner.  The main premise of the dinner was to show up in your assign character, in costume and play your role.  I had the idea that everyone else attending were experts in this and I was somewhat nervous at first.  The night before I received my character assignment, rummaged through my closet to put together the costume (think 1800’s Bar Wench), and prepared for my Monday evening to be filled with this new experience.    It was beyond exciting, I met new people, and tried something outside of my comfort zone including going out on a Monday night.”

Learn to examine daily situations until you can perceive something interesting in the most common things.  This is a tricky one.   We could use the example of the same route that one would take walking or driving to a given destination, or every day you have the same reflex to look to your right. Why don’t you try to overcome your impulse and look to your left or take a different route.   You might find something new and interesting just by simple ways of switching things up.

Quiet the noise.  We all have our “judge and jury” that live within us as well as the naysayers who will be quick to tell you what can and can not happen. Dowsing is challenging to do in the middle of the traffic of these voices so it is key to go to the quiet place or what we call “quieting the noise” so that you can be lead from within.

Most importantly, baby just be! Tapping into your wildly creative and where your imagination flows involves a state of freedom, ease, and a practice of just being. What do we mean by that? Think back to the child you once were who proudly had the imagination that mirrored a field of wild flowers. What did it feel like to have that freedom and that space to just be?

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