Using Letters As A Bridge

Using Letters As A Bridge

A few years ago I noticed that letters were surfacing that  were being used as a way to create dialogue.  There were open letters supposedly written by fathers or mothers to their daughters, open letters between faceless (and sometimes famous) lovers, and the list goes on.

For my creative flow I have often used letters as a bridge to the intimate as well as the creative.  When I was a teenager I had a couple of pen pals.  One who lived in the states who was a former classmate and the other who was a classmate who traveled between the U.S. and India often.  There was something special about receiving a letter that was addressed to me and waiting  for the right time to read it.

There was also something special about crafting the response or return letter.  Including nuggets of what was happening in my life, sharing news and asking questions while anticipating the responses.  For my writing, I’ve returned to the concept of the letter as an art form, but this time, I notice that I use them as ways of having a conversation while building the bridge to the mysterious.  My most recent project was an open letter that I wrote to my younger former self sprinkled with wisdom, tips, and all sorts of other goodies of what could or might be.

If you were to craft a letter, either open or otherwise, who would you write to?  Would you write a letter to yourself and bury it away?  Would you write a letter to a lover or loved one?  Is the letter to someone who has passed on?  Or perhaps your letter might be to a beloved place or thing, like the city you wish to see or to the car that you reluctantly had to abandon.

Here is what we want to assign to you, write a letter, not the letter you send, but the one you use as your bridge to a conversation, a dialogue, or just to have connection.  Think about what you want to say and perhaps this will be one of many letters.  Be as creative as you want, use imagery in the place where words just won’t do.

Allow the letter to be everything from your liberation to your bridge to your time capsule.  With this letter that you craft either with visuals, drawings or words, allow it to take you to the impossible.

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