He For She India

He For She India

Some time ago, I stumbled on the video of Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. By the time the video was over, I was in tears. Not out of sadness but out of immense JOY. “Why?”, you might ask. “There is nothing joyful about gender inequality!”. That’s true. But the thing that filled me with joy wasn’t the “what”, it was the HOW. It’s about time that someone like Emma stood up to talk about gender inequality with COMPASSION. No issue has ever been resolved by holding a one-sided perspective. One-sided perspectives are what divide us as human beings. These kinds of attitudes are what create judgement and intolerance which in turn can lead to conflicts, violence, racism and wars.

Emma Watson, thank you. Thank you 100 000 times. Because of your sensitivity, courage and compassion you have opened the door to honest communication between men and women around the globe.

No one is perfect, we all know that. Man or woman, the truth is, we are all at fault. Have you ever been in an endless argument with a loved one feeling that the other person is so defensive that there is no room for a constructive exchange? Sometimes for the argument to end the only thing to do is to let go and accept our imperfections. But that only works if both people do the same, both sides have to decide to let their guards down and meet in a space of acceptance.

This is what Emma gave us. As a representative of women around the globe, she stood in front of the world and opened the door to acceptance, understanding and tolerance. In the name of women she apologized for mistakes made in the past, admitting our imperfections. And more importantly, she gave a break to men. She acknowledged how difficult it must be to be a man today and live up to all that it implies. She looked up to the men in the audience saying that she wasn’t there to judge but to understand and help them too. Living with an open heart is not an easy thing. It’s scary and it hurts. But Emma did the hardest part for us already. All we have to do now is follow her example, let our guards down, and allow each other to meet in this virtual space of peace and acceptance. I leave you with this important question: “Are we brave enough to dig deep into our personal heritage as a human being (personal story, gender, culture, education, etc…), and examine ourselves in order to understand what brought us apart? ” It’s all wonderful to say that we are against gender inequality but the truth is, if we really want to change something, it means WE have to change. And that means looking at stuff about OURSELVES that are really not pretty. It’s the 21st century, we live in the science- fiction movies that we used to watch as kids thinking that there was no way that one day we would achieve the same things as the heroes on our screens. Yet we did it, a lot of those impossible things are now reality. No one can convince me that something as natural and beautiful as Love is impossible to achieve when in the meantime we are talking about populating the moon or modifying DNA. It doesn’t make sense. The good news is, if we see that it doesn’t make sense then we can change it. And all the great things human kind has achieved are testimonials of our inner power. I choose to believe this. So I’m asking again, are we willing to go down the rabbit hole together, no matter how deep or challenging, for the benefit of positive change? I know I am.

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